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Conscious American offers a variety of products that have been produced conscientiously by organizations with a mind towards paying employees livable wages and being good custodians of the earth's precious and limited natural resources. These products include apparel, tea, chocolate, limited pieces of furniture and a number of goods that have been either made in the U.S.A. or with Fair Trade Certification. Emphasis is given to products that have been produced organically or in a manner that is environmentally conscientious as well.

Conscious American solves the conscience crisis suffered by every American shopper who ever picked up an article of clothing that was just "too cute" and "too good of a deal" to pass up with just a tiny tinge of guilt. We all know that the clothes and other luxury items we love to buy are probably made in sweatshops by tiny hands working in dangerous conditions. It does not have to be this way.

Shopping at Conscious American, you can rest in the knowledge that every product you buy is either made in the U.S. or fair trade certified. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Report on “Employment trends in textiles and apparel” in 2005 predicted that globalization would be a leading factor in decreased jobs in the apparel industry.

Even then, the statistics were staggering: “Between 1973 and 1996, nearly a million jobs were lost in the textile and apparel industries combined—a decline of nearly 40 percent” ( We simply cannot compete with people who do not pay their workers: “It is estimated, for example, that the average apparel worker in Honduras earns about 10 percent of the hourly wage of a comparable worker in the United States” ( Globalization comes at a price—but we have the power of choice.

Conscious American challenges the notion that we have to employ slave labor to get quality products at an affordable price. We seek to bring you the things you love in a way that benefits everyone. According to the USDA’s report on “U.S. Textile and Apparel Industries and Rural America” workers losing jobs to globalization will suffer from globalization: “Textile and apparel workers were more likely to drop out of the labor force than other displaced workers. Consequently, a smaller share was employed when surveyed, 61 percent, than employed displaced workers from all industries, 69.5 percent. Of those who found a new job, displaced textile and apparel workers had to look longer, about 23 weeks, versus 16 weeks for all displaced. Most displaced workers suffered earnings loss on their new job, with three-fourths making less on their new job than on the job they lost.” In other words, when people lose these good textile jobs, they are forced to take lesser jobs.

Conscious American dares to bring you a nice shopping experience that supports jobs and seeks to support a higher standard of living for the whole world.



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