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Labour Behind the Label does a good job of explaining the human rights abuses of the textile industry. It isn't enough to just say that workers make the minimum wage in their respective countries because often that wage is not sufficient for workers to live and provide for their families. This awesome website includes statistics for [...]

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Don't Buy into Sweatshops

The horrible conditions are deplorable, but what is alarming for us back home is WHY people would outsource these jobs. Places like Bangladesh are "goldmines" as they say for cheap labor, so how can Americans compete? If we allow the products we buy to be produced in this way, eventually there will be no need [...]

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Now More Than Ever

As consumers, we must never assume that just because we don't see collapsing factories in the headlines, the issues that plague the textile industry don't exist. According to a recent article in Bloomberg Business, "The ethics council that guides Norwayโ€™s $820 billion sovereign wealth fund is zeroing in on the textile industry for breaching its [...]

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Buying Power

Speaking at a manufacturing plant in Oregon in May, President Obama talked up the Trans-Pacific Partnership as he discussed the need to level the playing field. He alluded to labor practices that included child labor and no minimum wage. He said, "[S]ome of these countries, they don't have the standards for wages and labor conditions that we [...]

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You can rock American with style!

So I remember a day several years ago when I went to a big chain store in North Carolina and saw t-shirts with the American flag displayed on the front. I wondered if this big retail giant had decided to start buying and selling more American made products. Disappointment filled me as I read on [...]

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Textile Industry Needs Your Help

The textile industry is getting a little help, but look closely at reports of growth. The jobs are fewer and still pay less than other manufacturing jobs. The textile contracts are for things like mops and towels, not apparel. You can help by buying clothes that are made in the U.S. Americans can compete in a [...]

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Your first blog post!

Why do we need The Conscious Store? Many Americans have seen CNN reports on slavery worldwide impacting industries such as chocolate and makeup. The 2013 collapse of a factory in Bangladesh brought to light the poor working conditions of the people who produce the clothes most of us wear everyday. The low price The U.S. Bureau [...]

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